Wheelchair basketball is a special form of basketball played by a special set of people. It is no surprise therefore when we feel a special type of excitement watching wheelchair basketball. Not only is the game super intense, the level of co-ordination and multitasking involved makes it more interesting to watch.

Saturday 8 October 12, 2016 was the final day of the 5th Edition of the Victor Ochei International Wheelchair Basketball Championship and the final games we as exciting as expected. 

The day started with the 3rd place game between home team, Lagos and the Ghanaian team. Lagos and Ghana were defeated in the semifinals by Oyo and Kano respectively. Ghana won the 3rd place by 25 - 11, picking up a medal for the first time in the history of the tournament.

Women's defending champions Delta retained their title after winning the final game against Edo. The women's games are played as in the 3x3 format - half court, 3 players, 10 minutes only. 

The main event - the men's final - delivered a very memorable experience with a very close and breathe taking game between Kano and Oyo. To show how close the game was, the two teams maintained a 2-3 point margin for the entire first two quarters. The lead was extended to 4 points 6 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

The game ended 37 - 31 in favour of the Oyo team.  


If you have not witnessed any wheelchair basketball game, you are missing a great deal. It is super intense and super exciting to watch, and we can't help but commend the sponsor, Rt Hon Victor Ochei and the Nigerian Wheelchair Basketball Federation under the leadership of Hon Bukola Olapade for putting this wonderful event together.

With the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation actively promoting sport, we hope to see Nigeria participate on the world stage very soon.


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