Coach Ayodele Bakare a.k.a The Oracle sends sincere and hearty congratulations to Hoops & Read Basketball Team

His words;

`With two days still to go in the tournament and a game in hand, Hoops and Read Basketball team have already sealed their position as the 2016 Atlantic Conference Division One champions, and thus an automatic promotion to play in the 2017 NBBF Premiere League.

To dominate the tournament in such emphatic style is a testimony to the vision and investment of their management; and the hard work, dedication and discipline of their players.

I wish the entire management and team the best of luck in their quest to win the Division One Finals and thus become the outright Division One National Champions. That would be a deserved `icing on the cake` and hopefully a veritable launching pad for what is hoped to be a team that would rejuvenate and reinvigorate the Atlantic Conference of the NBBF Premier League.

The Oracle congratulates you and wishes you the best in your future endeavours`

Coach Bakare's basketball team - Comets - also participated in the Division One Championship. They were defeated by Hoops & Read 56 - 73 and they finished overall 7th in Atlantic Conference. 

We join Coach Bakare in welcoming Hoops & Read to the big league.


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