As the regular season comes to an end, the two teams at the bottom of the Atlantic Conference table are now running against time to save themselves from relegation. Their final game on Saturday will decide which team survives. 

The two teams both have 32 points each from 27 games played (W5-L22) which means that if they both win or both lose their last game, they will finish with the same number of points - 34 or 33. According to the League Rules and Regulation, if two teams tie on points, the head-to-head rule will be applied. This puts Delta Force at an advantage over NAF Rockets. 

NAF Rockets vs Delta Force (Head-to-Head)

Delta Force 69 - 62 NAF Rockets Saturday 6 May

NAF Rockets 60 - 61 Delta Force Saturday 3 June

Delta Force 75 - 70 NAF Rockets Saturday 8 July

NAF Rockets 77 - 48 Delta Force Thursday 3 August

It will seem like Delta Force has a part of their work cut out for them which means NAF Rockets have to work extra hard. They need to win and hope that Delta Force loses.

Rocket`s last game is against Rivers Hoopers while Delta Force will play Hoops & Read. Both Rockets and Delta Force lost their 3 previous match up against Rivers Hoopers and Hoops & Read respectively. 

NAF Rockets vs Rivers Hoopers (Head-to-Head)

Rivers Hoopers 91 - 54 NAF Rockets Thursday May 4

NAF Rockets 64 - 70 Rivers Hoopers Thursday 1 June

Rivers Hoopers 87 - 54 NAF Rockets Thursday 6 July

Delta Force vs Hoops & Read (Head-to-Head)

Delta Force 71 - 84 Hoops & Read Thursday May 4

Hoops & Read 65 - 56 Delta Force Thursday 1 June

Delta Force 71 - 88 Hoops & Read Thursday 6 July

If the status remains same, the odds might be in favour of Delta Force team. NAF Rockets will be playing the most important game of the season this Saturday. 


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