It has been a year since the death of Sir Etim Inyang, former Inspector General of Police and grandfather of DTiger`s O`karo Akamune. In his long post on his Instagram page (@big_015), he paid tribute to his grandfather and dedicated his Afrobasket silver medal to him. 

`Last year on this date September 26, 2016 my grandfather passed away. He left an amazing legacy behind. He was a man of many titles - Sir Etim Okon Inyang GCON, NPM, KJW; Inspector General of Police (RTD); Ada-Idaha-Ke-Eburutu just to name a few. He was the definition of perseverance and a sound example of a hard working, loving husband and father, humanitarian and more. As a man who has done so much for his country and his people, one could only dream about walking in or filing his shoes. His powerful presence was an inspiration to many whether he knew it or not.

But it was a little different for me as his grandson. I looked to him for advice and wisdom and I took what he said very seriously. This influence he had on me shaped me as a man today. In fact, I can owe my entire professional career to him. As a young kid, football was my sport of choice. I thought I would grow up to play professionally, you know a typical kid with NFL dreams. And I was working hard towards that goal. When I was about 14, my grandfather suggested that I stop playing football and play basketball instead. Initially, I wondered why the man who loved and supported me in all things suddenly asked me to basically find a new life dream. But looking up to my grandfather as I did, I trusted his suggestion and went for it. I knew my grandpa took the time to get to know people and he had a special gift of seeing their true potential. With some doubt, I trusted my grandfathers decision and slowly transitioned. Needless to say, he got me where I am today and was a constant motivating factor in my life and career.

Grandpa, I don`t think it`s a coincidence that exactly a year later I was blessed with this opportunity to play for the National Nigerian basketball team in the FIBA Afrobasket tournament. An opportunity that I know would have made you proud. Unfortunately we came up short in the championship game, placing second receiving this silver medal. I would have loved to bring back a gold medal to you, but I was more than happy just for the opportunity to represent 180 million people in the country you dedicated your life to.  I love you grandpa, I dedicate this all to you`

May the soul of the departed continue to rest in peace. 


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