Before the NBA draft, many Nigerians were focused on Josh Okogie and the possibility of him being picked in the first round. He was our supposed best prospect for the night. Little did we know that the overall number one pick has Nigerian bloodline.

Deandre Ayton`s was born to a Nigeria father and a Jamaican mother, Andrea. His stepfather, however is from The Bahamas. Ayton wanted the entire world to see his connection to all these countries as he revealed several national colours sewn into the inside of his blue suit jacket, representing Nigeria, Jamaica and Bahamas. 

In his interview with Bruce Pascoe (Tucson Sports), Ayton talked about his suit:

“There’s a few flags in there. My dad is from Nigeria, my mom is Jamaican and Bahamian, so I’m helping all those countries in one. I’m not just a Bahamian. I’m Nigerian and Jamaican. So I just want to let the world know that.”

We all know now.


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