When our game against Uganda tips off later today, 19 year Jordan Nwora will be making his debut on the National senior men`s basketball team. It will also be a historical moment as he becomes the first member of the national team to be coached by his father while wearing the Nigerian jersey.

Jordan is prepared for this moment. To him, it is not about his father but his potentials. He stated this in his chat with ACL Sports` Queen John.

`I think I am prepared. I work on court every day working on my skills to get better and I think I can help us win. It is not about my dad. I am the one training on court every day. I will not be here without him for sure but he makes the decision and a lot of people who have seen potential in me”

One would expect him to be under immense pressure but the Louisville Cardinals` forward seems relaxed ahead of his first competitive game in front of his home crowd on Friday. 

“I’ve played for a bigger crowd and I know how this will turn out because you are playing for your country and it’s much bigger than what I have played for. I’ll get into it when we start playing,”

According to his father, Coach Alex Nwora, including Jordan in the 12-man roster was not about Jordan being his son but his level of preparedness to represent Nigeria.

"The national team is serious business and he knows that."

“We should expect a lot from Jordan. He brings a lot to the table. He’s a game changer anytime he steps on the court from his youth till now at University of Louisville. He stands a chance of making a living through the game and also an opportunity to play for his father land`

“If I don’t think Jordan deserves to be here, he won’t. I won’t do that to him. If Jordan is not good enough he won’t be on my team and I won’t embarrass him to come play for the national team same thing goes to my girls. If they don’t work hard and compete like an Olympian because that’s what countries are looking for.” 

Jordan averaged 5.7 points per game as a freshman and scored 16 points against Cote D`Iviore in the pre-qualifiers friendly game last weekend in Abidjan.

Images - NBBF, Queen John


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