In an amazing display of teamwork and focus on defense, the men`s senior national team defeated the Ugandan to secure a spot in the second round of the FIBA World Cup African Qualifiers.

The game which ended 109-66 was dominated by the Nigerian side with Uganda taking the lead only once throughout the game (20-21), a lead that lasted for 11 seconds.

The victory keeps Nigeria on the top of the table of our group with 8 points, and although we still have two games to play in this first round, we have enough to get us to the next stage of the qualifying series. 

The top three teams from each of the four groups - A, B, C, D - will advance to the second round where they will be merged into two groups of six teams each - Groups E and F. Uganda currently sits at that bottom of Group B with 5 points. If they win their next two games - their best possible outcome - they will finish with 9 points which will put them one point behind Nigeria`s 10 points in the event that we lose our last two games - our worst possible outcome. 

Regardless though, we still need to win our last two games to increase our chances of picking one of the 5 available tickets for Africa at the World Cup in China. The top two teams from groups E and F and the best third-ranked team will get the tickets.


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