Redbull is known to be synonymous to freedom, and its campaigns are centred around expressions and street culture. One way Redbull has promoted the street culture over the years is the investment in street basketball through the RedBull Reign 3x3 Competition. The event is hosted in cities across the globe including the Houston, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Toronto, Paris. 

The good news - Redbull Reign Global 3x3 Competition is coming to Nigeria

There will be two qualifiers - Ibadan and Lagos, and teams from these qualifiers will advance to the National finals. The Ibadan qualifiers will take place at the Awo Stadium, the University of Ibadan on Friday 19th July while the Lagos qualifiers will be at the University of Lagos Sports Centre, Lagos. 

The bigger news - the event is free

All you have to is form a team of three with one substitute and show up at the event. Registration will take place at the venue of the qualifiers by 10 am on game day. The national finals which will take place at the legendary Rowe Park, Yaba Lagos will be the qualifying tournament for the world championship in Canada. In simple terms, whoever wins the national finals will represent Nigeria in Canada.

The ultimate news - the trip to Canada will be fully sponsored by Redbull

You do not want this opportunity to pass you by. Do you? 

Street basketball is back!!!


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