Azubuike Ekuma was part of the Rivers Hoopers team that won the recently concluded President`s Cup, which means he will play in the inaugural season of the Basketball Africa League. 

However, the heart of the 21 year old is still in fashion and modelling, and has always aspired to be a model. He shared this in an interview with Femi Adefeso.

“I naturally always loved fashion but got asked by someone where I was doing my computer program what I`m doing with this height. My reply, truth be told, was I want to be a model.”

But fate had something else in store for him. He was referred to the basketball court at the U.J Esuene Stadium in Calabar. That’s how his basketball journey started. 

He picked up the game really fast, and was noticed by coaches. He was invited to the NBA-FIBA Basketball Without Borders camp in South Africa in 2015, and participated in 3 different editions of the Top 50 Camp. 

He joined the premier league in 2016 playing for Customs in the first year and Niger Potters in the second. However, when the harsh financial reality of the clubs hit him and he had to look for an alternative source of income, he turned to his first love, fashion. 

“I got owed huge amount of money, for a young man that was what pushed me to learning a skill. Sewing naturally came to my mind being that I love fashion and love modelling. The idea of being my own model and designer at the same time just consumed my thoughts.”

He relocated to River State to acquire the necessary skills, and he created Zubi Cares NG. During his stay in Port Harcourt, that he was approached and signed championship team, Rivers Hoopers. 

Ekuma currently combines his fashion and modelling business with professional basketball, and he hopes to promote Zubi Cares NG in the near future. 


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