The PGRaters app is available both on Apple and Play Stores for iPhone and Android users respectively. We did a review of the app using an iPhone. The app is named "PGRaters" on Apple store and it is very easy to search for and to find. 

Once downloaded, the app gives first time users some options to sign up. You can either use your Facebook Account, your Apple ID, a Google account or any other email address. The easiest and fastest option is Facebook while using your email takes the longest time as you need to fill in all your details including First Name, Last Name, Email Address  User Name, Password and Position. Unlike the other options that automatically upload your picture, you have to manually add image if you sign up using your email address. 

Once you set up, you are good to go. A good place to start is by checking your profile and see the options you have. This includes Profile, My Teams, Collect Money, My Sessions , My Posts, Top Rated Posts, Leader-board, Share with Friends and Settings

Your PROFILE shows your followers; people you are following; your overall ratings which is broken down into Offense, Defence, Fitness, Speed and Attendance; General Information and Reviews. MY TEAMS allows you create your teams or be a part of already created teams. We recommended that you set allow the app access your location so you can get information about your immediate environment. SETTINGS allows you set a range around your location, log out of the app or delete your account.

The pages on the app are Home - Sessions - Chats - Alerts. Just like other social media platforms, you can update your status with posts, images and videos. For basketball players, this means you can post your shots, dunks and dribbles. You also have a suggested list of people around you that you can follow and the list of nearby sessions and games. This is why it`s important you turn on your location. 

On the SESSIONS page, you can see all the nearby games, games you have confirmed to participate in and games already completed. There`s also a CHAT option that allows instant messaging between individuals and teams. It means once you set up a tournament, you can add all the players to a chat and share information and updates, or just banter. Cool, don`t you think? All your notifications can be easily accessed on the ALERTS tab/page.

Perhaps the most important feature is the basketball button that allows you create a new sessions which could either be a training session, a game or pick up tournament. You get to give your session a title, choose a session type, add description, specify the venue, select date and time, add limit to number of players, indicate if its a free or paid event, and then invite players and/or teams. Technically, the app is making it easy for you to create your own games or tournament within your neighborhood.

The PGRaters app is a much needed app in an environment like ours as it will help basketball players better organize games and tournaments within their communities, improve on their skills and network with other players. It also give coaches a platform to scout from. The app will revolutionize non-league and recreational basketball in Nigeria. 

You can download the app on Apple Store or Google Play Store. Check it out and share your feedback. 


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