We are only about 4 days before the 2016 Division 1 Championship and teams from Lagos are already preparing rigorously for the championship. We can confirm that these three teams - Comets, Raptors Academy and Hoops&Read -will participate in the event.

Anyone that has been to the Lagos State Sport Complex (Rowe Park) lately will witness these team prepare rigorously for the tournament. Comets Basketball played a friendly games with the VGC All-Stars and Raptors Academy. Raptors Academy also played with Hoops & Read Basketball Team.

Asides their game with Raptors Academy, Hoops & Read have also played against VGC All Stars and are scheduled to play against selected players of the Oyo State Basketball Team.

The Division 1 Championship is expected to tip off in Abuja on Friday 18 November. May the best teams win.


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