Having won all their 7 games played so far, it is safe to assume that the Hoops & Read Basketball Team will finish top of the Atlantic Conference at the ongoing Division One Championship, thereby clinching a spot on the DSTV Premier Basketball League.

The worse scenario for Hoops & Read is losing their last group game and finishing with 15points (7-1). This will put them head to head with Police Baton (assuming Police Baton wins their next two games) where Hoops & Read have an advantage having defeated Police Baton 81 - 70.

Simply put - Hoops & Read's worst possible outcome will be better than the best possible outcome for other teams in the Atlantic Conference.

The last time Hoops & Read participate in the Division One Championship was in 2014 where they finished with the same points as Delta Force but lost the top spot based on the head-to-head rule.

We welcome Hoops & Read to the DSTV Premier Basketball Team. Like the Hoops & Read page and drop a congratulatory message for them.


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