Veteran basketball coach, Coach Oliver Babatunde Johnson popularly referred to as Coach OBJ has emphasized the need for the youth and aspiring basketball players to get proper education. 

Speaking on the importance of education in sports development at the just concluded Olumide Oyedeji Intercollegiate Basketball Championship; "First and foremost, to all our aspiring basketball players, you can only play this game for a short while. So it`s on you to get education. Use basketball as a tool to better your life."

"We are encouraging those youths that are out of school to get back into school. If they have one or two skills, there are schools looking for those skills. Also the youth should be looking at a better way of life for themselves after basketball."

"Basketball and education go together, you cannot do one without the other. I have used basketball as a means and I`m still using basketball as a means but I`m using it in the Universities to try to encourage our players to stay in school and get their degree, diploma or certificate. It is very necessary for all of our youths to get their education."

This message is consistent with the objectives of the Olumide Oyedeji Youth Foundation and the Intercollegiate Basketball Championship. Basketball should be used as a tool to get access to education simply because not every student athlete will become a professional player. Education will provide an alternative platform. Also, professional basketball can only span a couple of years or decades The youth need to also consider what life will be for them after professional basketball.

"If basketball give you the opportunity to do so, then make good use of that opportunity" - Coach OBJ


  1. Great article! Education is the bedrock of any society.

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