Everyone that watched the game between Hoops & Read will admit that it was a very intense game. The game was still very much open with 21 secs left in Q4 but Hops & Read again demonstrated why they should not be underrated as they won with two points. 

Isiaka Saliu has the most points (21) in the league so far and recorded the season`s first double double (21pts,12rebs) but these were not enough to get the Rockets a win from their first game. Three Hoops & Read players - Owen Oriakhi, Jide Ogunsemore and Victor Komonibo - had double digits points (10, 14, 12 respectively). Hoops & Read have won the two league games played so far.

Final scores: NAT Rockets 69 - 71 Hoops & Read

In the second game of the day between Customs and Police Baton was another close game with Customs winning with 5 points. It was their first win of the season having lost their first game to visiting Kwara Falcons. Okiki Afuepa led the scorers for Customs with 18 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists. Police Baton have lost their two games played so far.

Final scores: Police Baton 69 - 74 Customs.


  1. Okunlola Yetunde

    Keep up the good work EasyBoy miss you Bro

  2. I think I recorded the first double double against Police. Pls help check stat well. I reportedly had 12pts 11rebs on the opening day against police baton

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